Sustainability is all about choosing products, services and ways of operating that don't compromise future generations. It's a concept that has become more popular in the past few decades as more businesses are starting to take a sustainable approach when conducting business.


Sustainability has always been one of our core values. Looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into each area of Whax has been a challenge, but one we're always excited to tackle.


Here are a few ways that we've made sustainability changes.


1) Long-Lasting Products


Sustainability doesn't necessarily mean that the product uses sustainable materials. It can also mean the product is created with longevity in mind. By having a product that lasts for a significant amount of time, we cut down on waste and the need to repurchase items consistently.


During our conception, we wanted to set our candles apart from other options on the market. Sustainability had to come first, which meant spending extra time leveraging the technology available to create long-lasting products.


Our scented candles burn for, on average, 50 hours, and our reed diffusers can last for a minimum of 4-5 months. Meaning you can enjoy your favourite scents for as long as possible, without repurchasing every other week.


2) Minimising plastic use


If there's one material we all know too well, it's plastic.


It's part of our everyday lives and, in most cases, totally unavoidable. That said, looking to steer away from plastic packaging or products is an option and one that we have taken.


We use recyclable glassware for our candles, diffusers and room sprays to ensure both quality and sustainable materials are used. We also use recyclable materials for our packaging, so our customers can dispose of the materials once their orders arrive.


3) Ethically sourced materials


The origin of our supplies and materials have always been a focus. Choosing ethically and sustainably sourced materials for our products is the first element we research when developing a new range. Our partnerships are based on the same values too.


Thanks to this, our fragrance oils are created from renewable and sustainable crops & plant-based raw materials. Similarly, our glassware is wholely recyclable, and the wicks we use are unbleached cotton & GMO-free!


Making the right decisions


When purchasing any product, always ask whether it's sustainable, and if not, is there a sustainable alternative?


Living within a sustainable environment means preserving resources for future generations. It doesn't mean that we can't have our needs fulfilled now; sustainable products have come a long way to ensuring our needs are met.


We'll continue to strive for sustainability in every facet of our business, and we hope that our sustainable products light up your home!


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