The use of essential oils is commonly known as Aromatherapy.


Most used through inhalation - essential oils stimulate the olfactory system, the brain's area connected to smell. Once inhaled, they travel to the brain and affect the limbic system, causing them to have some holistic effect on the body.


Many people, including us, use these scents to freshen up our households without directly considering the effects of the specific oils we are using.


We offer diffusers in a wide range of scents and essential oils through our wholesale store, as having options for fragrances is a treat in itself.


However, different oils can have a different holistic effect. As a complementary therapy, Aromatherapy doesn't provide a cure for diseases or illnesses, but it can support treatments for various conditions.


Below is a helpful list of essential oil options and the effect they can have:



Lavender is a popular oil choice that has shown numerous benefits of its use. It can help people relax and get better sleep. Many people use lavender in their workspace or home office.




As a citrus fruit, grapefruit has a bitter, tangy scent. It has shown to have antifungal properties to help reduce harmful bacteria. Similarly, a suppressed appetite and the promotion of weight loss may be additional benefits.




Bergamot is known for its relaxing and citrusy scent. It has many uses, including treatment for hair and acne. For Aromatherapy, it has shown it can reduce stress, reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol.




Basil shares the compound linalool, found in lavender, which offers a similar stress-relieving property. It's shown antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits too.




This pungent yet pleasing fragrance invokes smokey notes. Oudh is often associated with harmony, and it has shown to increase and enhance mental clarity and ease erratic behaviour.




Cypress oil is distilled from the cypress tree's twigs and leaves, giving off a fragrance of the forest. A 2014 study shows cypress to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It may also reduce stress and aid with coughs.




Derived from a South African Native plant, Geranium emits a citrusy and fruity smell, with rose hints. Dermatologists often recommend Geranium for the treatment of acne, dermatitis and other skin conditions.


Know Your Essential Oils


Aromatherapy can greatly aid various conditions that we face each day. Whether our goal is to reduce stress, inflammation or get a better night's sleep, being cautious with what we use is always essential.


You may experience some side effects from essential oils or have a response to using one. If so, discontinue its use and consult a health professional.


Before making a purchase, research the particular oil you'll use to see if it's right for you.


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