We love sitting down and lighting one of our favourite scented candles during the day!


There's nothing like a relaxing aroma to help us focus. We all use candles for different reasons, but we often see them go under-utilised when it comes to home decor.


Candles can make great centrepieces, create a specific atmosphere, and make otherwise mundane areas of our homes shine; they'll also make it feel much more welcoming.


Let's jump into some tips that you can use to make your home look AMAZING with candles.


Containers & Holders



We adore the simplistic look that glass containers can offer. Bundle a few of these on a table, desk or mantlepiece, and you'll have people flocking to it to take pictures for Pinterest.


You can go a step further, tie burlap string around them, and lay them on a decorative cloth to add a vintage feel.


Leveraging other containers, such as lanterns and terrariums, can elicit different emotions and atmospheres. These containers help to redirect the light in a specific way or compliment their surroundings significantly more.


Pairing these together on a surface can really amp up your home decor.


Mason jars are another staple that you can use just about anywhere and provide unlimited options to compliment their surroundings.





Sometimes, the greatest decor tips are simple. In this case, that comes down to how you are using height as decoration. Candles look great together no doubt, but pairing different heights together really elevates their look (no pun intended!)


Multiple, varied height candles look amazing in lanterns, terrariums or outside of containers on a broad surface like a coffee table or open fireplace.


If an area of your home feels bare, these bundles can really make a difference.


Colours & Textures



It's easy to put a candle on your table and call it a day. Adding just a bit more can make a world of difference.


Additions truly depend on the atmosphere you're trying to create and how your home currently looks. The last thing you want to do is create a design around your candles that is polar opposite to the rest of your home... unless that's what you're going for that is!


If you're adding candles to a broad surface, look to replicate the colour of the table/desk or that of a fireplace to give a homely feel. You can also add rocks, trays or dishes so the candles aren't free standing. These elements combine together to create an alluring centrepiece that will attract anyones gaze.


Home Decor Is About You


There are thousands of ways you can use candles in your own home to create a certain feel. Whether you want to create an earthly atmosphere with moss inspired centrepieces or you like variety through different colours and texture, what's important is whether you feel at home or not.


Experiment with different candle containers, assortments and positioning.


You're sure to find something you love!


If you've brought our candles and have them in your home, we'd love to see how you've leveraged them for your own home decor!


Tag us in some pictures and we'd love to share them on our socials.