Why do candle wicks sometimes become mushroom shaped?

A: When the candle is consuming wax more quickly than the flame can burn completely, carbon deposits may develop. This will most likely occur when the wick needs to be trimmed. Blow out the flame, trim off the wick carefully removing any carbon deposit and relight. Do not allow the wick trimmings or other materials to fall into the wax pool it will discolour the wax. You will find guidance on the safety label on the bottom of your candle.


How can I keep my candles looking their best?

A: Candles will discolour or fade naturally when they are exposed to intense light for extended periods. We do not recommend displaying your candles for long periods in direct sunlight, fluorescent lighting or other strong illumination. Wax will soften in temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit so avoid placing them near sources of heat like radiators or direct sunlight This may negatively affect the quality of your candles. Store your candles in a cool, dry place


Is your glass recyclable?

A: Yes our glass is fully recyclable in your household glass recycling.


Can I refill my candle glass?

We do not recommend this as the parameters of the glass change when heated.


How can I remove candle wax from fabric?

A: Whenever available, we suggest that you consult the laundering instructions provided by the manufacturer of the tablecloth or other fabric. Professional cleaners are also valuable sources of information.


How do you make your candles smell so great?

A: That's our trade secret! We actually have carefully selected design team researching and developing fragrances with us. Once the team finds and develops a fragrance we test it in a candle, to test its performance meet our high standards and produces the great smells you enjoy.