Diffuser Care Guide

How To Use A Diffuser

1. Gently Unscrew the cap from the glass vessel.
2. Carefully place the reeds inside the vessel. All of our diffusers use fibre reeds which are porous, allowing for the gradual absorption of the liquid moving up the reeds. The reeds will continuously release a long lasting and consistent fragrance, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere to any room.
3. To get the most out of the reeds, we advise flipping them every two weeks. This speeds up the saturation rate and gives the scent diffusion a nice boost.
4. Did you know you can control the scent level to suit your preference? The more reeds used, the stronger the scent will be. Four to five reeds work well for small rooms, or to create a more subtle scent. Experience your favourite scent with the perfect strength. Perfect for creating a luxurious ambiance, or creating a light, delicate scent.
5. Due to the nature of the reeds and how they become saturated with liquid, it is best to always place your diffuser on a protective plate to ensure no liquid damages surfaces. Also, take special care that the reeds do not touch painted surfaces or other materials such as wallpaper, curtains, polished or synthetic surfaces or fabrics, as this may cause staining. It is important to pay attention to your diffuser's placement as the liquid can potentially cause staining; however, the reeds are designed to provide an even and consistent release of scent throughout your home, with each reed lasting up to 8 weeks before needing to be replaced.

Where To Place A Diffuser

1. For larger spaces, the maximum fragrance output can be achieved by using all reeds, or more than one diffuser if higher intensity is desired. The strong scent will fill your home, and you can customise the strength to fit the size of your space for a personalised home experience.
2. For smaller spaces, begin with fewer reeds in the vessel to test the smell, gradually adding more until the desired scent is achieved. Reach an optimal scent level for any size space by adding or removing reeds. Create a personalised atmosphere with user-friendly versatility and long lasting fragrance.
3. Room temperature is critical to the diffusion process since higher temperatures accelerate the diffusion rate. However, increased strength of the aroma may reduce the life of the diffuser. To maximise scent release, prevent placing diffusers near radiators.