Brissi FIGUE ROUGE Bath & Shower Gel

FIGUE ROUGE Bath & Shower Gel

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 A dark and decadent blend of fruity pomegranate, fig and red berry blends with a sensual floral heart of jasmine, rose, pink pepper and clove. With rich base notes of cedar and frankincense, layered with musk and patchouli. Encapsulating the woody scent of fig trees mingling with the warm sunshine of the Mediterranean leaving a lingering scent that is exotic, warm and romantic.


Naturally cleansing, containing all natural essential oils, with shea butter, sunflower seed oil and an antioxidant rich formula for ultimate hydration and moisturising skin protection whilst leaving a long lasting fragrant aroma on your skin. Moisturising with a lingering fragrance that can be layered with our Hand & Body Lotion.

  • Alcohol free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Double waxed, waterproof labels
  • Anti-oxidant rich
  • Lingering scent
  • 250ml