Brissi FEUILLES DE THÉ Room Spray


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 A refreshing green tea infusion, light citrus bergamot, lemon and orange mingle with an aromatic green tea heart, brushed with jasmine and sweet neroli.  Lavender and smooth ambers interleaved with musk to form the base. This refreshing scent is nature at it’s best as the warm sun of the Mediterranean sweeps over  the fruit trees and gardens at their peak, whilst the spices of the green tea uplift you to the mountains of the Far East.

Our stylish and elegant room sprays using all natural essential oils are a must have for any home. With a long lasting scent, it’s the perfect easy way to fill your space with our unique fragrances.  Perfect for the bathroom, bedroom or any room and will not stain as it provides long lasting scent.

  • High fragrance load for long lasting delivery
  • Alcohol free & non - flammable
  • Will not damage or mark furnishings
  • Micro fine atomiser, no droplets
  • Recyclable glass
  • 100ml